Managing safety 

Good safety performance isn’t a matter of chance. Maintaining a safe, healthy workplace requires proactive, effective management – and commitment from the top. We have network- and plant-safety committees around the world which make sure we have a consistent approach to managing safety, and share best practice around the Group. The key elements and activities of our approach include:

  • Holding management to account for their leadership in preventing workplace injury/illness
  • Establishing safety policies that apply to all employees, contractors, visitors and customers
  • Providing systems to reduce and control risk as far as possible
  • Training employees in safe work practices and regulatory requirements
  • Including safety as the first topic of discussion at every business meeting
  • Continually monitoring leading/lagging indicators, safety performance and benchmarking both internally and externally
  • Having sufficient resources, including properly trained people, to make sure we always focus on improving performance
  • Establishing safety committees or networks that are representative of all functions at any given location
  • Reporting and investigating incidents, injuries, illnesses and near misses promptly and appropriately
  • Conducting audits, involving employees at every level, to identify unsafe behaviours and physical hazards and to implement corrective actions
  • Conducting employee safety perception surveys to recognize any safety issues that we can correct at our plants
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding safety performance through award schemes, and by marking significant milestones for both employees and contractors
  • Monitoring contractors to ensure corporate and regulatory safety standards are being followed rigorously at all sites.
Safety meeting
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