Supplier diversity 

A diverse group of people

Tate & Lyle regards diversity and inclusion as a driver of business performance, growth, and innovation. We value the competitive edge diversity brings to our sourcing practices.

In order to have a supply base reflective of the diverse global marketplace, we are committed to ensuring that all companies are given fair consideration to provide goods and services to Tate & Lyle.

Benefits of a Diverse Supplier Base:

  • Contributes to the ability to better understand and serve a broad spectrum of customers
  • Helps to sustain and progressively transform our supply chain by reflecting the demographics of the community in which it operates
  • Creates a competitive advantage
  • Provides economic advancement opportunities for diverse suppliers

Globally, Tate & Lyle appreciates all forms of diverse suppliers. We encourage all certified, diverse businesses to complete a new supplier submission form. If your capabilities match our needs, someone from Tate & Lyle will contact you.

Diversity suppliers can be certified by one of the following agencies*:

*Note: Tate & Lyle has provided the above information as an example of the certifications we recognise, but we are not limited to the agencies/associations on this list.

We aim to create sustainable, mutually-beneficial relationships with diverse suppliers. For information on how to become a supplier for Tate & Lyle, click here.



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