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Tate & Lyle has streamlined its business through the use of SAP. This programme unifies the company’s 'end-to-end' global processes, common tools, and consistent, global shared data.

The key points to remember are as follows:

  • All invoices must contain a valid machine-printed purchase order number, otherwise the invoice may be rejected and not processed for payment;
  • Future communications and order information requires up to date contact information. As information changes within your company please send information to;

For questions regarding payment status, please send an email to the appropriate address:  


Country Contact
Asia Pacific 
Belgium Services 
Germany (Food Systems) 
Italy (Food Systems) 
North America* Accounts/
Slovakia / TLSS /
Sycamore (Food Systems)
TNE Netherlands 
United Kingdom



*For NA only, in order to streamline our invoice payment process, we ask that all invoices be submitted directly to our Global Shared Services centre.
Please send your invoice as a .pdf or .tif file to:
Send only one invoice per .pdf  attachment. Multiple attachments per email are acceptable. 

All additional questions can be sent to



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