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    Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan

    The active ingredient for healthy-looking skin and hair. Tate & Lyle’s Oat Beta Glucan is the natural way to incorporate the power of oats into your cosmetics and personal care products. www.avenacare.com

  •  Claria logo

    CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches

    CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches helps to meet consumer demand for cleaner labels without compromising quality. www.clariastarch.com

  •  Dolcia Prima in soda

    DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose

    DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose is a sugar, so it delivers both the satisfying taste experience and sweetness of sugar, but without all the calories. www.dolciaprima.com

  •  www.feedthembetter.com

    Feed Them Better

    Our high quality animal feed products are ideal for balancing the nutritional needs of your livestock and pets. Whether it's energy, fibre or protein you need, for pigs, ruminants, poultry, fish or pets, our range of feed ingredients will ensure that your animals get the best feed on the market.www.feedthembetter.com

  •  www.foodnutritionknowledge.info

    Food and Nutrition Science Centre

    Learn about Tate & Lyle’s commitment to nutrition, health and wellness by visiting our Food and Nutrition Science Centre. You will find information on global public health issues and information on Tate & Lyle's products and the science supporting their health benefits. Learn more onwww.foodnutritionknowledge.info

  •  www.yourfoodsystems.com

    Food Systems

    We design and manufacture a vast range of customised food stabiliser systems and highly functional ingredient blends for the global food industry. Our approach is to treat each customer project as an opportunity: a question that needs a unique, personalised solution that's also fast, flexible and reliable. That's how we help our customers grow - year after year, decade after decade.www.yourfoodsystems.com

  •  Industrial Starches

    Global Industrial Starches

    Whatever you make – paper, adhesives, building, laundry or other products – you’ll discover a world of starch products, innovation and expertise, all dedicated to your efficiency and profitability. www.industrialstarches.com

  •  Tate & Lyle Open Innovation

    Open Innovation

    Tate & Lyle provides ingredients and solutions to food and beverage manufacturers all over the world. We aim to be the world’s most innovative developer of speciality food ingredients – and to do this, we are looking for partners who share our passion for developing ground-breaking new products. www.tateandlyleopeninnovation.com

  •  Proatein

    PrOatein® Oat Protein

    Nutritious PrOatein® is a natural protein concentrate from oats that can help you meet the fast growing consumer demand for protein-enriched foods. www.proatein.info

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    PromOat® Beta Glucan

    PromOat® Beta Glucan is a source of beta glucan – the soluble dietary fibre in oat bran that contains important functional and health benefits. www.promoat.com

  •  www.purefruit.com

    PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract

    PUREFRUIT™ provides all-natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetness, extracted from the monk fruit.www.purefruit.com

  •  www.sucralose.com

    SPLENDA® Sucralose

    Welcome to the home of SPLENDA® Sucralose, www.sucralose.com. Your consumers expect only the best. Find out all the ways that SPLENDA® Sucralose can help you delight them by delivering products with great-tasting sweetness and quality that's second to none.www.sucralose.com

  •  www.tateandlylefibres.com

    Tate & Lyle Fibres

    Learn how Tate & Lyle can help you find the right fibre combination to suit your consumers’ needs. www.tateandlylefibres.com

  •  Tate & Lyle Ventures

    Tate & Lyle Ventures

    Tate & Lyle Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on investing in high growth companies in the areas of food sciences and technologies. With an additional £30 million investment for food sciences and technologies, we could be the right fund to work with you. www.tateandlyleventures.com

  •  www.yourbakerysnacksolutions.com

    Your Bakery and Snack Solutions

    Crisp and crunchy… soft and spongy… fruity and creamy. There are many ways your consumers enjoy baked and snack treats. Whether you want to introduce new products, or update old favourites for modern tastes, we’ll make sure you get the textures, the flavours and the nutrients right. Every time. www.yourbakerysnacksolutions.com

  •  www.yourdrinksolutions.com

    Your Drink Solutions

    Be unbeatable in beverages. As a drinks manufacturer, you’re always seeking that extra edge for your products. With Tate & Lyle, you’ll find it. Inspiring ingredients. Innovative solutions to tricky problems. Technological know-how. In-depth research and practical advice. People who really understand beverages and consumers.www.yourdrinksolutions.com

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