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Tate & Lyle has a long history of open innovation with some of our most successful products coming from partnerships within our global network of universities, start-ups, corporates and customers. Our dedicated Open Innovation team looks externally for ideas for our three speciality food ingredient platforms – sweeteners, texturants and health & wellness.  

We’ve already developed some great partnerships and innovative ingredients like SODA-LO™  Salt Microspheres and Purefruit ™  Monk Fruit Extract.

Find out more about our platforms, what ideas we look for and what we can do for our partners at our dedicated portal.

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If you would like to partner with a global leader to commercialize your technology, please contact us with details of your project for an initial opinion. We stress that you should not send any confidential information at this stage.

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How market research gave us a head start in the fibre market

How market research gave us a head start in the fibre market

Spotting opportunities like the growth in the ‘health and wellness’ market means listening to customers – and being prepared to make bold investments. STA-LITE® Polydextrose, a low-calorie soluble corn derived fibre used in health food and drinks, was made exclusively in the US until we heard the growing demand from European customers.

Now Tate & Lyle has built the first – and so far only – European facility to manufacture Polydextrose, at our Koog aan de Zaan plant in the Netherlands. “We did extensive consumer and market research on fibre enrichment and its importance in emerging health and wellness trends,” says Jerome Tauzin, Global Product Management Director, Fibres. “This built the foundations for the investment at Koog. STA-LITE® Polydextrose has a lower cost in use than its alternatives, so this gave us an even better opportunity when the recession hit – becoming  the only European manufacturer gave us competitive advantage.”

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