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PrOatein™ Oat Protein is the exciting new way to boost your products’ protein content. Rich in essential amino acids (including leucine and lysine), dairy-free and suitable for vegans, PrOatein™ gives your products leading-edge performance.

Cereal with PrOATein in it

Boost your products’ protein content
Using patented, chemical-free technology, we extract the protein component of the oat so that it can be used as an individual ingredient in its own right. 
PrOatein™ Oat Protein meets growing consumer demand for an alternative to whey and soy proteins. It is vegan-friendly and very low in gluten content.
All of which makes PrOatein™ the ideal non-dairy ingredient for boosting protein content in a wide range of products. These include:

• Cereal bars
• Bread
• Baked goods
• Breakfast cereals
• Pasta
• Meal replacement shakes
• Meat products
• Sports nutrition
• Supplements

Add oat power to your protein-enriched brands.


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