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Instant starches are cold water swelling starches which thicken when added to cold or warm water and are excellent texturing agents for cold processed and instant foods.


A complete line of no-cook starches. 

We offer both traditional pregelatinized and the new granulated instant starches. 

Pregelatinized: For thickening, moisture control & adjusting texture, our instant starches set the bar for performance. Modified from corn, waxy corn, potato and tapioca to provide unique functionality in a wide variety of applications.

Cold water swelling
To save time and energy thickening and stabilizing your dry and processed foods, go with our cold-water swelling granular starches. Ideal for both hot and cold systems, they enhance texture in cakes and cookies and extend shelf life in frozen foods.

Instant food starches 

Our brands   Description  Key application
 LO-TEMP®  Granular cold water swelling starches from waxy maize.  Bakery fillings, pies, cheese sauces,  gravies, meat, microwave products, dry mix, instant soup  
 MIRA-SPERSE®  Granular cold water swelling starches from waxy maize. Nutritional beverage, cheese sauce, gravies, sauces, microwave products, dry mix, salad dressing , instant soup  
 MIRA-THIK®  Granular cold water swelling starches series from waxy maize and dent corn.   Low fat baked products, bakery filling, bakery frosting, frozen fruit desserts, pies, airy desserts, cheese sauce, sauces, microwave products, dessert mixes, dressings, instant soup
 SOFT-SET®  Granular cold water swelling starch from dent corn.  Bakery filling, bakery frosting, soft cookies, cultured products, dessert mixes, dairy dessert, mircrowave products, regular and low fat salad dressing
 MERIGEL™   Pregelatinised starches from dent corn and waxy maize with special range for enhanced viscosity and stability profiles.    Sauces, dressings, desserts, bakery, snacks, cereals, coatings, instant soups and sauces, fruit preparations
 BINASOL®  Pregelatinised starches from tapioca and waxy maize.   Bakery filling, cheese sauce, sauces, relishes
GELATINIZED DURA-JEL®  Pregelatinised starch from waxy maize. Bakery and snacks
 HI-JEL™ Pregelatinised starch from tapioca and dent.  Bakery mixes 
INSTANT TENDER-JEL®  Pregelatinised starches from  waxy maize. Bakery filling, bakery mixes, soft cookies, pie, baked snacks, hard confections, sauces, baby food and dessert mix  
PULPIZ™ Pulp Extender  Easy-to-use, retort resistant instant starch that mimics tomato pulp texture, taste and mouthfeel, at lower solid levels. Pasta sauce, pizza sauce, barbecue sauce, spicy chilli pepper sauce, wet and dry soups  
 REDISOL®  Pregelatinised starches from tapioca, dent and/or potato.  Bakery filling, dessert mix,  pies, processed  cheese, cheese sauce, sauce, relishes, instant soup  
 REDI-TEX®  Pregelatinised starch from dent.  Bakery filling, sauces, Relishes 
 STARCO™  Pregelatinised starches from tapioca. Bakery filling, dairy dessert, dessert mix, dry mixes, puddings 
 X’PANDR®  Pregelatinised starches from waxy maize. Bakery and snacks 

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