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Our food stabiliser systems are designed to stabilise texture and enhance the properties of our customers’ products. We design tailor-made food systems to help customers bring new and exciting food products to market quickly and successfully.


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Our recipe management service provides customers with production and product advice designed to reduce costs and maintain quality.

Food stabiliser systems 

Our brands Description Applications

Acts as a thickening agent, an  emulsifier, a protective colloid or a processing aid. Systems generally contain a combination of hydrocolloids (polysacharides and proteins), emulsifiers and salts. Cakes, drinks, fillings, jellies, marmalades, puddings, milk products, ice-cream, soups, sauces, fine food, dietetic and low-calorie foods
 HAMULTOP® Used as stabilisers and emulsifiers where ‘clean label’ is required. Systems are made exclusively from proteins. Acidified milk products (quarg /yoghurt), dessert, dips and dressings, meat products, milk drinks, sauces
HAMULBAC® Used to adjust pH value to preserve colour in a range of products. Systems are made from various organic and inorganic salts or acid regulators.  Acidified milk products (quarg/yoghurt), cream products, fine food products, fruit and vegetable products, neutral milk dessert products
HAMULTEC® This stabiliser system range, is the result of innovative processing technology. They can incorporate any of the functional features of the other food systems with very special improvements in performance.  Ice-cream, meat products, milk products, ready-to-serve meals, sauces
 FRIMULSION® Used as a thickener and a stabiliser to meet the specific needs of food producers. Acidic milk products, dips, salad creams and fine foods, soups, sauces, gravies , convenience foods, meat products, dessert, whipping creams, puddings, custards, ice-creams, confectionery, products, fruit preparations for dairy, bakery products

The information contained on this site should not be construed as recommending the use of our product in violation of any patent, or as warranties (expressed or implied) of non infringement or its fitness for any particular purpose.  Prospective purchasers are advised to conduct their own tests, studies and regulatory review to determine the fitness of Tate & Lyle products for their particular purposes, product claims or specific applications.

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Food stabilizer systems

We supply dairy stabilizers, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, flavors, and vitamin and mineral fortification – and the expertise to apply them.