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Tate & Lyle’s SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres is a salt reducing ingredient that tastes, labels and functions like salt because it is salt!  With SODA-LO®, food manufacturers can reduce salt levels by 25 to 50 percent in various applications without sacrificing taste.

SODA-LO®Salt Microspheres is created using a patented technology that turns standard salt crystals into free-flowing crystalline microspheres.  These smaller, lower-density crystals efficiently deliver salty taste by maximizing surface area relative to volume.  SODA-LO® makes it possible to enjoy the same salt taste while consuming lower levels of salt.  Because SODA-LO® is made from salt, it has none of the bitter aftertaste or off-flavours associated with some other salt compounds or substitutes. 

SODA-LO®Salt Microspheres has been shown to work well in a wide variety of foods including baked goods, breading and coatings and salty snacks.  Work continues to assess its suitability in a number of other applications. 

For more information about the health effects of Sodium, go to Tate & Lyle’s Food and Nutrition Science Centre

SODA-LO® wins 2013 IFT Expo Innovation award  

Tate & Lyle’s ground-breaking, new salt-reduction ingredient, SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres, is a winner of the prestigious 2013 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award.  The IFT Food Expo Innovation Award was announced and presented during the July 14 opening general session of the 2013 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago. Award entries were judged by a panel of nine jurors from industry, academia and government with broad expertise in research and product development, processing and packaging technology, and food safety. Judging criteria included degree of innovation, technical advancement, benefits to food manufacturers and consumers, and scientific merit.

Read the press release here

2013 IFT award

Tate & Lyle licensed SODA-LO® from Eminate Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Nottingham, UK, to commercialize it globally. Under the license agreement, Tate & Lyle assumes responsibility for commercialising the SODA-LO® salt reduction technology on a global basis including manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing.

The information contained on this site should not be construed as recommending the use of our product in violation of any patent, or as warranties (expressed or implied) of non infringement or its fitness for any particular purpose.  Prospective purchasers are advised to conduct their own tests, studies and regulatory review to determine the fitness of Tate & Lyle products for their particular purposes, product claims or specific applications.

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