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  •  Caroline Pender

    Caroline Pender

    “People at Tate & Lyle are very good at teamwork, especially when it comes to bringing people from different departments together to solve problems. I remember an instance when we needed extra resource in Customer Services, so a colleague from the production department came to join them for a while, bringing their experience in admin. If I was joining the company now, I’d be pleased to see how happy people are to collaborate, and to think outside their own departments for the good of the business.”

  •  Dorota Niedzialkowska

    Dorota Niedzialkowska

    I’d heard great things about Tate & Lyle and when the opportunity came to apply for a job here I grabbed it. It’s a great place to work because of the people, the opportunities and the environment – there’s never been a day when I haven’t wanted to get up and go to work.”

  •  Julie Campbell

    Julie Campbell

    “Being part of the ongoing development of new projects and products is the best part of my job, and I know we’ll have an exciting future. It’s also great to know that at any point in the day you, or someone you know, will have consumed a product we had a part in making!”

  •  Kana (Charles) Carter

    Kana (Charles) Carter

    "Tate & Lyle is a very safety-conscious company, and our plant is extremely safe. Our concern for safety extends to the smallest details too – the other day, someone cut their finger doing something the way they’d done it for 15 years. My manager Mark noticed this and made an immediate change to the way the work was done, as well as asking everyone to speak up if they thought any other established practices needed a review. I’ve never known safety like this."

  •  Sumit-Biswas

    Sumit Biswas

    "When I mention to my friends, or indeed anyone, that I work with Tate & Lyle, I am usually beaming with pride. Tate & Lyle, really does go out of its way to offer you the opportunity and experience to get you where you want to in your career and indeed, other aspects of your life outside of work. The very essence and culture of Tate & Lyle is to help you to achieve and that, I think, is the proudest thing I can say about working for Tate & Lyle."

  •  David Lee

    David Lee

    “I’m enormously proud to be working at Tate & Lyle – I’ve been here the longest I’ve even been with a company and that’s saying something. I’m totally confident that my career is here, and that Tate & Lyle will continue to offer me the diversity and challenges I need if I’m to grow. I know there are exciting times ahead for me, my team and the company.”

  •  Jennifer Waddles

    Jennifer Waddles

    “My biggest challenge has been getting to grips with the sheer complexity of the supply chain, and the way the weather, for example, can affect the manufacturing system. You can’t control the unknown, but we get great support from our manufacturing partners who have systems and processes in place to make sure lightning and ice disrupt our operations as seldom as possible!”

  •  Patti Hedenberg

    Patti Hedenberg

    “Plenty has changed since I started working here, but it’s always been a very good, supportive place to work. It a company that’s very keen to make sure that the right people are in the right roles – they find the place in the company that will fit you best. I’m really thankful that I got the chance to work here, even though I had no experience.”

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