Our reputation 

We’re proud of our 150-year history of safety, quality and extraordinary innovation

We’re proud of our 150-year history of safety, quality and extraordinary innovation.

At Tate & Lyle, we have no higher priority than safety. It’s a way of life for us. We do everything we can to make sure that every inch of every Tate & Lyle environment is safe for employees, contractors, customers and visitors alike.

Join us, and you’ll share our  in our safety culture. That means you’ll always be aware of your obligation to your colleagues and our organisation to act with care and compassion at all times. After all, we can never do too much to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe.

“It is an extremely safe plant. If you see something unsafe – in any area even in packaging – you can shut it down immediately. When your employer cares so much about safety, you feel better. They don’t just say it, they really do mean it. Safety is phenomenal.”
Charles ‘Kana’ Carter



Working together to keep everyone safe
In our workplace, we seek to attain the highest standards of safety for our employees. We believe that everyone should be safe at work and be treated fairly and with respect. 


Our history and legacy
Tate & Lyle has a long and unique heritage of which we should all be proud. Find out how our Company began and what has happened since to make us the business we are today.

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Our stories

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