What we look for in our people 

Whatever you do, wherever you are in the world, we are united by our shared vision and our desire to be the best.

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We are building a high performance culture, full of people who are passionate about performing to a consistently high standard in every area of our business. If all of us deliver high performance, we enhance our customer experience and feel motivated and committed to deliver great business results.


What we look for in our leaders
We’ve developed a framework called Delivering Success, which is aimed at making sure that all of us are completely aligned with our vision and our business priorities. It provides us with a global approach to understanding what great talent looks like and how we need to develop our people to achieve the success we’re looking for.

This framework is set out in a way that shows you what we look for from you:

Setting direction - setting direction and priorities and gaining support of others:
   • Understanding the business
   • Understanding the strategy and plan

Energising others - energising and enabling colleagues to succeed
   • Building the team
   • Inspiring others

Delivering results - driving innovation and a culture of high performance
   • Taking ownership and accountability
   • Fostering innovation and creativity
   • Making decisions


What we look for in all our people
Everybody who works for Tate & Lyle has an important role to play in delivering our strategy and making us an extraordinary company. There are four key themes in the way we explain what we expect from our people. They should help you to understand how well you would fit with our organisation and the key things we’ll be looking for:

We look for people with the passion and dedication to build relationships across boundaries and geographies, as together we create extraordinary breakthroughs.

We look for people with a desire to contribute, and boundless enthusiasm when it comes developing new ideas and bringing them to fruition.

We look for people who will leave ‘ordinary’ at the door and be brilliant, celebrating and sharing everyone’s success.

We look for people with the care and compassion their colleagues and the organisation deserve; people who can always keep safety front of mind.

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