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  •  Nikolai Ivanov

    Nikolai Ivanov

    “There’s a very supportive culture here, and a great atmosphere of trust. All the people are very friendly, and all are here to do their job to the best of their ability. I feel supported by my managers, and have had a lot of help with my training and development. It’s a caring business.”

  •  Anton Atanasov

    Anton Atanasov

    “Tate & Lyle is a unique business. I like the work, and my colleagues are all very cool – they really help me develop a quick understanding about how things work here. I’m very glad I was chosen for this position – it’s been my greatest achievement so far!”

  •  Kate Broom

    Kate Broom

    "There’s something special about the team I work with. We all work well together, complementing and helping each other. These are not just people I work with – they are friends too. We do team-building exercises, but when we’ve finished them we all head off for dinner together rather than just heading home.”

  •  Jennifer Waddles

    Jennifer Waddles

    “I can’t praise the planning team highly enough – they are so dedicated. They continue to surprise and amaze me with their resilience, and they’ve been through a lot over the past year, including changing they way they work. They treat each other with respect and just keep going, even when the pressure gets intense. It’s pretty impressive!”

  •  Patti Hedenberg

    Patti Hedenberg

    "Tate & Lyle has always been a very good, supportive place to work. It a company that’s very keen to make sure that the right people are in the right roles – they find the place in the company that will fit you best.’’

  •  Caroline Pender

    Caroline Pender

    "Because of the work I put into rolling out the Mold engagement programme, I was the first person in the SFI division to receive a Champion award. That made me very proud, but I could only have done it with the encouragement of my General Manager, Jan Du Preez and support of the Mold management team. Jan gave me the chance and the confidence to do what I’m doing now.”

  •  Jan du Preez

    Jan du Preez

    “Tate & Lyle have supported my development in countless ways. I’ve been to London twice to attend High Performance and Further Development training and the Talent Academy has been tremendous. Tate & Lyle is a place where we always take a step back and look for ways we can improve.”

  •  Dorota Niedzialkowska

    Dorota Niedzialkowska

    “I’m delighted to have been promoted twice during the three years I’ve been here – Tate & Lyle are quick to recognise hard work and engagement. I’m glad Tate & Lyle gave me the chance to do this, and I’m very proud to have been made a Values Champion.”

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