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  •  Sumit Biswas

    Sumit Biswas

    The opportunities I have been given for training and career development within Tate & Lyle have been fantastic. Given that the applications I have work with cover every aspect of Tate & Lyle’s business areas, the opportunity to learn from your “day job” alone is impressive. But add to that fact that on top of all of the experience you gain just doing your job, Tate & Lyle fundamentally believes that it should provide you with all the opportunity, training and support it can for you to progress in your career.

  •  Luiz Grisard

    Luiz Grisard

    “I originally worked as legal counsel in HR, but Tate & Lyle had enough confidence in me to lead the changes in Brazil, when we reopened our São Paulo office, learning about wider HR as I did. Not many companies would offer such an opportunity to someone with little experience, and I’m grateful for that. It’s an example of Tate & Lyle’s general approach – everyone is given the opportunity to do what they think is right, as long as they get the job done. It makes you feel very empowered.”

  •  Nikolai Ivanov

    Nikolai Ivanov

    “My biggest challenge so far was in fact my very first project. I had to build a very large new machine, and had very little experience. But I was supported by my team and my managers, and learned the skills I needed as I went along. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome, and of course I was extremely proud!”

  •  Michael Segal

    Michael Segal

    “My best experiences here have all involved meeting a diverse range of people. I’ve travelled to Asia and the USA, as well as throughout Europe and it’s apparent that Tate & Lyle is a place where, no matter what part of the world you are in, people really work hard, co-operate and build a very positive working environment.”

  •  Kana (Charles) Carter

    Kana (Charles) Carter

    “Over the last three years in the lab, I’ve been allowed to work on our testing methods, to see how they could be improved. As a result, I’ve been able to come with ways of doing things that are faster and better. For example – and this sounds very technical – I’ve developed a way of using hydrogen rather than the more expensive and scarce helium in gas chromatography. It’s not only cheaper, it’s incredibly fast and I’ve won an award for this work. It really paid off for the company to empower me to investigate this, and it’s given me great satisfaction.”

  •  Sarah Scholl

    Sarah Scholl

    “The challenge, and the opportunity, is that every project is different – you never tackle the same job twice. All food and beverage products are unique, and every customer has its own unique challenges, so we are always inventing and innovating. It is for this reason that I love my job. But it is also the biggest challenge."

  •  Nick Hadwen

    Nick Hadwen

    “The most exciting challenge lies in Tate & Lyle’s growth agenda, which is very dynamic and all about change. Whether it’s in our infrastructure or in our plans for acquiring new businesses, change is everywhere and you need to be prepared to go forwards with the company.”

  •  David Lee

    David Lee

    “There have lots of great moments during my career here, but I really value the chances I’ve had to collaborate with others. Most recently was my time in the Academy, a leadership training programme on which I was the only person from IT! Over the 6 months I got to meet over fifty people in leadership roles from a variety of functional areas across the organisation, I met people from Russia, Slovakia, Germany… it was great to share experiences and put down foundations for future collaboration.”

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