Our innovation 

Our desire to break new ground in every area of our business makes us extraordinary

 At Tate & Lyle, we are never satisfied. We’re driven by innovation, always looking for ways to make our products, tastier, healthier, more cost-effective. We anticipate trends and go beyond the expectations of our customers.

Every day, we look at what we do and how we do it, and ask ourselves: “How could we do this better?” And then we make it happen. We’re a collection of creative and resourceful people with a passion for food and meeting our customers’ needs; we’ve changed the way we do things to make the process of designing products faster and more integrated, with increased collaboration and synergy between our various teams of experts.

To be this creative, to react as quickly as we do, we need people who are enthusiastic, confident and determined to succeed – open minded people who can work together to bring new ideas to fruition.

We take this talent and enthusiasm, and nurture it through a learning and development environment that enables everyone to reach their maximum potential.

We give them the support, and the opportunity, to create the future.
“Tate & Lyle has a robust culture where you’re challenged to be innovative, and given all the support you need to discover and unleash your potential. Because it’s a global organisation, you learn a great deal from seeing how other people do things, and the possibilities are endless.”

Julie Campbell, Role: Senior Account Director Atlanta, USA

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Development and learning opportunities
There are many different ways you can develop your career at Tate & Lyle


Where you fit in to our ambitions
If we’re to grow our business, it’s essential that we also grow our people


We recruit new graduates and apprenticies into a number of our business areas and locations, where we tailor training and development programmes to your needs.

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Our stories
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