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  •  Charles (Kana) Carter

    Charles (Kana) Carter

    “Tate & Lyle is a very safety-conscious company, and our plant is extremely safe. If there’s any kind of a problem, even in the packaging area, we’ll shut the plant down straight away and anyone can do this. Our concern for safety extends to the smallest details too – the other day, someone cut their finger doing something the way they’d done it for 15 years. My manager Mark noticed this and made an immediate change to the way the work was done, as well as asking everyone to speak up if they thought any other established practices needed a review. Budget is no object if it stops someone getting injured – I’ve never known safety like this.”

  •  Flavane Ardigo Oliveira

    Flavane Ardigo Oliveira

    “I have had many enjoyable experiences in my time with
    Tate & Lyle. At the moment I’m really enjoying being President of the Internal Safety Committee (ISC). Safety has always been important at Tate & Lyle, and I’ve always been involved with safety in one way or another – my position as President is recognition of this. I’ve been able to make people more involved and engaged with ISC, and the new management has given me more freedom and empowerment to work.”

  •  Tommy Lykke Husum

    Tommy Lykke Husum

    “It’s made me very proud during my time at Tate & Lyle that we are leaders in food innovation. I love working with our customers to make healthier food for the whole world, and I take a great interest in the innovation and research we’re always doing. I’m always proudly telling my family and friends about the latest developments.”

  •  Agueda Bahena

    Agueda Bahena

    “Tate & Lyle is always ready to help people achieve their best, as long as each person takes responsibility for knowing what they need to do to grow. The company has always been open to my suggestions when I wanted to challenge myself by doing new things, and if Tate & Lyle does not already have a set way of doing something I’ll do it myself.”

  •  Alish Kyosev

    Alish Kyosev

    "Tate & Lyle is a very open environment where people are encouraged to express themselves, be creative and have ideas. You can really feel the impact you have on the business, and the culture comes from the bottom as much as it does from the top. Every company should be like this!”

  •  Patti Hedenberg

    Patti Hedenberg

    “My greatest achievement to date was when I worked on a joint venture with Dupont. When the Loudon plant was built we started making a product called PDO, which is used to create lots of other products. It’s exciting stuff, and I was involved from the very start, working with lots of different people. At the time it was rare for someone in an analytical role to be involved in this way, but it set a precedent and now analytical teams get to work more intimately with lots of products and people. It was great to see the finished product emerge at the end of the process!”

  •  Julie Campbell

    Julie Campbell

    “A really memorable experience for me was when I and my team had our first visit to the HQ of one of our premium customer – we got to meet all their executives and learned about their expectations right up to 2020. You don’t usually get that kind of high-level exposure, and we were particularly honoured to be the first company of our kind they’ve invited to their HQ. It shows how strong our relationship is.”

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