Our Values 

Our Values define what we stand for and how we behave with our customers, suppliers, investors, the communities we operate in and with each other.

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Our three Core Values – Safety, Integrity and Respect – form the foundation on which our business has been built over a hundred years. 

Our five Performance Values – Accountability, Achievement, Creativity, Speed,  and  Teamwork,  – define what we need to do to succeed in business today.

Core Values
  • Safety

    We always put safety first; nothing is more important

    - We always watch out for the safety of ourselves and others

    - We proactively identify safety risks and take the appropriate actions to report or fix them

    - We take responsibility for ensuring the right tools, support and skills are in place at work

  • Integrity

    We do what is right, no matter what

    - We act as a positive role model for the people around us

    - We speak up against inappropriate actions and behaviours

    - We always do what we know is right, even when under significant pressure

  • Respect

    We treat people fairly and value the world we live

    - We are open, honest and fair in the way we conduct ourselves

    - We treat everyone the same, always seeking to listen and understand the views of others

    - We take positive actions to protect and value the environment we live in

Performance Values
  • Accountability

    We take responsibility for our actions and deliver what is agreed

    - We take full ownership for our actions and their outcomes

    - We have the courage to make bold decisions

    - We do what we say we will do – people can trust us to deliver

  • Achievement

    We set high targets and aim to outperform in everything we do

    - We set ourselves and those people who work with us, high and stretching targets

    - We always look to deliver outstanding results, above and beyond what we set out to do

    - We celebrate success, recognising those people who consistently perform

  • Creativity

    We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ideas and solutions

    - We challenge the status-quo to seek out better ways of doing things

    - We are eager and tenacious, continuously looking to improve and learn from our mistakes

    - We are prepared to take calculated risks to find creative solutions to problems we face

  • Speed

    We act quickly and decisively to get things done while maintaining the highest standards

    - We respond quickly to the needs of others, showing a very efficient and positive attitude

    - We are prepared to stand up and take the initiative to get things done

    - We are passionate about getting things done but while always maintaining our high standards

  • Teamwork

    We work openly and constructively together as one team across boundaries and geographies

    - We look to build strong, effective relationships, working in teams across the world

    - We encourage and motivate others to contribute, actively seeking their feedback

    - We always put the team before the individual, recognising that we rely on each other to succeed

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